Amigurumi Crochet Fox Bookmark – “Book Fox”

The Book Fox was not as smart as the saying goes and ended up being stuck in between books and has to serve from now on as an at least great looking bookmark for all your bookworms out there. The whole crochet bookmark is done in one piece with exception of the eyes and ears. So if you do not like sewing many parts together and like to read books or know people who do, thats the project for you.

Crochet Pattern Content and Features

The crochet fox bookmark comes in a great designed, structured and pictured PDF File in that known Supergurumi pattern quality, offering the following:

  • Over 40+ pictures helping for an easy understand
  • Written and pictured instructions for every step
  • Print friendly pattern! Optimized and created to give the best overview and structur in the most compact and reading friendly design

Buy the Crochet Pattern

The Fox Bookmark crochet pattern is available on the Supergurumi Shop.

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2 thoughts on “Amigurumi Crochet Fox Bookmark – “Book Fox””

  1. This looks really nice and funny!
    Will you create new bookmarks patterns, maybe on a later date, inspired by sea animals?
    Keep up your creations!

    • Hi Valentina, glad you like the patterns 🙂 Yes, there will be more bookmark patterns coming up in a few month, hopefully, since i am working right now on a complete beginner guide for “learn how to crocheting” that is consuming a lot of my time right now. There will be at least a shark bookmark coming sooner or later. 😉

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