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Amigurumi Santa Bookmark Crochet Pattern

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Sam Santa is the 3 minutes younger twin brother of Santa Claus and joined his brother’s business back then. As a doppelganger he took over advertising appearances, interviews and other public appearances for his brother.

The reason why Sam got into the Christmas business was to bring joy to young and old and to put a smile on their faces and not just to serve as an interview and advertising double for his brother.

Since his brother gets along well without him and there are more than enough Santa Claus doubles nowadays, Sam decided to take a new job as a professional bookmark.

Not only can he finally look the presentee in the face every day, but he helps all bookworms by his mere presence.

Crochet Pattern Content

  • The crochet pattern comes as a printable PDF and is available in English (US terminology) and German.
  • The pattern is written in detail and extensively illustrated.
  • Available as an Instant Download after purchase.
  • The finished bookmark has a length of approximately 33 cm.

Buy the PDF Pattern

Buy the PDF Pattern

Santa Bookmark Crochet Pattern

ATTENTION: The pattern, in whole or in parts, may not be published, resold, translated, changed or exchanged in any way whatsoever!

Needed Techniques

Needed Materials and Tools

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