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Amigurumi Crochet Fox Pattern – “The Chubby Fox”

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The chubby fox, formerly the best hunter in the forest, unfortunately so good that he killed so much prey until he went from being the best hunter to the fattest hunter in the forest. Nowadays he teaches young foxes how to hunt, only in theory of course, while he’s stuck in his den until hopefully one day he’ll be able to leave it again…. as soon as he fits through the entrance again.

This cute amigurumi fox is not only a little friend to cuddle but also has many other fantastic uses thanks to its aerodynamic and well-padded shape. Be it as a wonderful gawking doorstop, as a likewise gawking throwing projectile to hunt down prey yourself or as a paperweight.

Crochet Pattern Content

  • The crochet pattern comes as a printable PDF and is available in English (US terminology) and German.
  • The pattern is written in detail and extensively illustrated.
  • Available as an Instant Download after purchase.
  • The finished fox has a length of 19 cm and a height of 8 cm.

Get the printable PDF Pattern

Get the printable PDF Pattern

The Chubby Fox Crochet Pattern

Needed Techniques

Needed Materials and Tools

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Get the printable PDF Pattern

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